You will be able to program up to ten personal messages on your Medea Bluetooth-enabled LED bottle.

You can scroll through, and choose any of the six pre-programmed messages, or you may delete or edit any of those and create your own.

The MEDEA patented LED bottle will stay on for 45 minutes, then automatically turns off to save the battery.

The entire life of the battery is approximately 18-20 hours. The battery cannot be recharged or replaced.

MEDEA Vodka is produced by the House of Herman Jansen, in Schiedam, the Netherlands, which has been producing spirits since 1777.

MEDEA Vodka is an ultra-premium spirit made from premium European grain (wheat), and pure artesian water.

No, MEDEA is made from premium European grain, which is not genetically modified.

Yes. The overall process used to produce MEDEA Vodka meets the highest quality standards. The Herman Jansen distillery has all relevant certificates to develop and produce true high merit drinks, including Kosher (OU/LBD)-TPM (Productivity of production means).